Wild Country Music

Tarzanaland is an American country duo consisting of vocalist Kelly Kidd (from Houston, TX) & multi instrumentalist Thomas Gallmeier (from New York, NY ).  The young band emerged in Los Angeles late 2015 after several years of starting their careers in honky tonks (the Podunk Poets) and on the dance floor (Mot & Krid).  
 Both had met several years before in Los Angeles,  when Kidd had asked Gallmeier to drum in a new project.   Together they went on to sign a songwriting/production deal with Grammy winning producer Glen Ballard (Dave Matthews, Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt), who helped pen Hold Your Fire, Tarzanaland's next single .  The song takes aim at choices we make in the seconds we sometimes make them.   Here it underscores the dangers of choosing hate over love.  
Kidd is most known for fronting and touring with the traditional country band The Podunk Poets all over the U.S. & making appearances at country music festivals .  He spent his childhood hanging out & riding the mechanical bull at  Gilley's in Pasadena, TX  while his mother moved tour groups of oil convention folks thru the dance floor hoping for a glimpse of the latest country music star set to perform.  Here a very young Kidd met and was inspired by the showmanship of Tammy Wynette, George Jones & even later convinced Clint Black to sing at Kidd's mother's own wedding in Houston.  (True Story!)


Gallmeier's unique songwriting/production releases have landed him on several European club charts, thus helping to create  Tarzanaland  own brand of  country  fire  on the dance floor.    The band is hyper aware of creating a show that  ropes in the crowd from the first downbeat without a pause during their set.  The mood may shift but the beat always  goes on.

Tarzanaland is also  proud to showcase the talents of lead guitar player Jake Kelly.  Jake has been around the world and back touring with country music superstar Gary Allen.  His classic stylings are an enormous contribution on tarzanaland recordings as well as the band's live show.


Tarzanaland  landed a gig at country music's mega festival STAGECOACH in 2017 after attending an Old Dominion  show in Los Angeles  where  networking and a few great demos paid off.
Combining Kidd's and Gallmeier's unique musical experiences, their music has been tagged as pop country - transitioning from the traditional country feel to their own hybrid modern sound and lyrical focus about cutting loose, forgiveness, political satire & personal evolution.

"We'll take you places you've never been, even a honky tonk angel can sin.  Start brewing up your own batch of hell - drink whiskey and  yell!"

- whiskey yell/tarzanaland